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Do you have questions regarding the legal use of my designs and /or brand?

If you don't see your question here, be sure to contact me and ASK FIRST.  

Is it OK to sell readymade hats of your designs?

Mostly yes. It's ok to sell a few handknit hats on Etsy etc. as long as you always credit me as the designer.  Large-scale sales of machine knit hats are definitely NOT ok.

Is it OK to sell kits of your deigns in my LYS using yarn from my shop?

Yes. Having kits in local yarn stores benefits so many people: local shoppers, local dyers, and the shops themselves. Just be sure the kits are labeled as my design with my name.

Important: Pattern may not be included in kits without permission and prior arrangements with me regarding pattern royalties. Or, each kit may include a pattern purchase from Ravelry or my website. Patterns are also available in my books, of course. Photocopies are never OK.

Is it OK to wholesale kits of your designs to other shops?

No. This one is not OK. Using my designs or brand to build a wholesale kit business selling to other shops, gift stores, etc. without my permission and approval is not OK.

If this is something you want to do, please reach out to me beforehand. It’s a serious copyright violation.


If you ever see a kit of one of my designs in a national park gift shop or visitor center, please let me know right away. Other than Mesa Verde, these are not my kits and I did not give permission.

Is it OK to use your designs for.........?

Many people have reached out regarding the use of my designs or excerpts from my books for charitable events, library displays, teaching opportunities, etc. I LOVE to share my work to benefit other knitters and outdoor enthusiasts.


The most important part is to ASK first.

Designers put in many, many of hours of work into their products and it’s important to protect intellectual property.

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