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There's something so satisfying and fun about wearing a national park beanie in the park that inspired it! I call it "Beanies in the Wild". Ha ha! And now, when you share a photo of you (or someone else) wearing one of my designs "in the wild" you'll receive a coupon code for 31% off the purchase of a beanie kit.
Yep...still celebrating 31 designs! 
Here's how it works:
  • Post a photo on Instagram or Facebook of one of my beanies being worn in the park that inspired it.
  • Be sure to tag me so I see it.
  • Also tag #beaniesinthewild 
  • If you don't have a social media account, send the photo to me in an email.
  • One person per park please. For example: If you made three different park hats and took photos in those three parks, you can earn 3 coupons. If you made one park hat, you can't post 3 photos and get 3 coupons. You can only get one.
  •  It must be one of my designs, but you can use any yarn.
  • If you already posted a photo recently, send the post to me in a message so I am sure to see it.
  • I will send you a personalized one-time use coupon code for 31% off your next national park kit purchase from my website.
  • I will share your photo in my stories and add it to my Beanies in the Wild highlights on Instagram.
  • Ongoing promo.  No ending date. 
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