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There's something so satisfying and fun about wearing a national park beanie in the park that inspired it! I call it "Beanies in the Wild". Ha ha! And now, when you share a photo of you (or someone else) wearing one of my designs "in the wild" you'll receive a coupon code for 31% off the purchase of a beanie kit.
Yep...still celebrating 31 designs! 
Here's how it works:
  • Post a photo on Instagram or Facebook of one of my beanies being worn in the park that inspired it.
  • Be sure to tag me so I see it.
  • Also tag #beaniesinthewild 
  • If you don't have a social media account, send the photo to me in an email.
  • One person per park please. For example: If you made three different park hats and took photos in those three parks, you can earn 3 coupons. If you made one park hat, you can't post 3 photos and get 3 coupons. You can only get one.
  •  It must be one of my designs, but you can use any yarn.
  • If you already posted a photo recently, send the post to me in a message so I am sure to see it.
  • I will send you a personalized one-time use coupon code for 31% off your next national park kit purchase from my website.
  • I will share your photo in my stories and add it to my Beanies in the Wild highlights on Instagram.
  • Ongoing promo.  No ending date. 

Buy 2 National Park Patterns
(at regular $5 price),
Get 1 Pattern Free

Permanent bundle pricing on all National Park patterns. 


Use coupon code


Shop now

Applies to separately purchased

National Park hat patterns only.

Does not apply to kits, seasonal designs, or other items.  

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