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The varied climate zones in Washington range from semi-arid in the east to lush rainforests in the west…and just about everything else in between. Agriculture, adventure tourism, lumber production, wineries, and manufacturing each thrive in perfect conditions. Even the foggy and overcast days that make Seattle one of the least sunny cities in the country also help create the spectacular forests that cover half of the state and has earned it the nickname “The Evergreen State”. Whether the day is bright and sunny or drenched in rain, there’s something about a forest that draws you in and invites you to stay a while. With just four colors, this design embodies the beauty of a fog-covered forest on a dreary day.


Fun fact: Did you know that Washington has had more Sasquatch sightings than any other state? If you’re a believer (even just a little) add a Sasquatch to your forest using scraps of any color of brown yarn and a few simple stitches.


Size:One size fits an average adult size head. (Approx. 19" - 22")



Does NOT include: Knitting needles

Washington Beanie Bundle

Out of Stock
  • Kit Bundle

    Washington is the 2nd design in my 50 States Beanie Collection!   These kits will be sold in a bundle only which includes the beanie label and a super cute license plate stitch marker.  Perfect for the All American Road Trip!  Collect them all!


    This Beanie Bundle includes:

    • 4 colors of worsted weight superwash merino wool yarn from Aly Bee Workshop, Polka Dot Sheep, and Malabrigo 
    • Full color pattern with chart and additional instructions.
    • 1" x 1" custom faux leather beanie label
    • Coordinating custom made license plate stitch marker


    Does NOT include: Knitting needles


    One size fits an average adult size head. (Approx. 19" - 22")



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