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Kit includes:  3 colors of hand  dyed worsted weight superwash merino wool yarn from Peekaboo Yarns, and Malabrigo - enough to knit one hat. 


Full color pattern with chart and additional instructions.


Does not include: Knitting needles, stitch markers, or beanie label.

Isle Royale Kit

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  • Kit

    Isle Royale is one of the most remote and least visited of all the U.S. national parks.  This rugged yet beautiful island rising out of Lake Superior near the Canadian border can only be accessed by ferry, seaplane, or private boat…and only during a few months of the year.  Once on shore, visitors are immersed in a land of wolves and moose, the only known place where these 2 species exist without the presence of bears.  The population of wolves and moose changes from year to year, creating a unique balance that’s been studied by scientists for decades.  Although the numbers of these animals seem great, you could spend 3 or 4 days on the island and never see either one.  But…the animal tracks along trails and shorelines serve as a constant reminder of their presence.  Using 3 colors inspired by the subdued hues of a foggy day, this design features bands of the tracks left behind by the elusive moose and wolves.  Can you identify which is which?

    Size One size fits an average adult size head 19" - 22"

    Beanie label sold separately.  Not Included.





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