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We found a few errors in the first couple of printings of Knitting the National Parks.  Many of them have been corrected in recent editions.
Click here for printable page of errata.

  • Page 9, Introduction:  The reference to Lassen Volcanic beanie pattern. 

       Error:  (pages 198 - 201)   Correction: (pages 202 - 205)

  • Page 105:  Bryce Canyon chart looks like it's missing row 1.

       Correction:  No rows are missing.  The numbers on the right are misaligned, The chart does have 47             rows as it should.  Just ignore that blank row 1 and all is well

  • Page 121:  Glacier Chart looks like it's missing row 1.

       Correction:  Same as above.  No rows are missing. The numbers on the right are misaligned.  The chart        does have 45 rows as it should.  Just ignore that blank row 1.

  • Page 143:  Petrified Forest list of yarn used in sample names the colors, but not the brand.

       Correction:  All yarn in Petrified Forest is Stunning String Studio Legacy Worsted.

  • Page 181: Death Valley Chart:  A few of the symbols on rows 14 - 17 are incorrect.

         This is how rows 14-17 looks in the book.  The highlighted stitches are incorrect:



   This is the correct version:

   Also in Death Valley chart:  Rows 40 and 41 should each have a knit stitch in column 31:

  • Page 217, Olympic chart:  Rows 27 - 28 are incorrect.  This is the correct version::

    Also in Olympic chart:  All three of the decreases in row 38 should be k2tog (no k3tog).  And, the last            stitch on row 39 (stitch#12) should be a k2tog.

Book Death Vally Chart_edited.jpg
Correct Death Valley Chart_edited.jpg
Olympic chart_edited.jpg
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